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While you may think that hiring a DJ, whether corporate or regular, is an unnecessary expense, the fact of the matter is that there are quite a few hidden benefits to it—more than you might expect. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most important of these benefits and what they mean for your party. So without further ado, let’s get into it!


Is dancing beneficial?

Music, either alone or in conjunction with rhythmic exercise, can have many health benefits. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden, for example, reported that individuals who listened to music while jogging were able to maintain their pace for longer periods of time than joggers who didn’t listen to music. And according to research from Norway’s Stavanger University Hospital (Sykehuset Stavanger), listening to upbeat music in groups can increase muscle endurance and minimize discomfort associated with strenuous exercise. In fact, patients with chronic muscle pain who exercised on stationary bicycles while listening to music showed a 30 percent reduction in pain during and after their workouts.


What’s even more important than being a good dancer?

Believe it or not, there are some people who can’t dance at all. If you’re looking to hire a corporate disc jockey, choose someone who can play music, read minds and make people happy. While good dance moves might seem like more important qualifications, it can be hard to get up on your feet if you don’t have anyone to follow. Choosing an expert with crowd reading skills means that everyone will have fun and look like they know what they’re doing, even if they’re just faking it!


Corporate Parties Aren’t Just For Dancing

When people think about corporate parties, they immediately assume that their job will consist entirely of playing music and ensuring that everyone has a good time. But in reality, there’s much more to planning an event like that than just plugging in your iPod and letting loose. Hiring a corporate DJ can be one of your best choices when it comes to planning; here are just some reasons why


Hiring an MC? Consider These Extra Benefits!

Music can bring life to an event, but what most companies don’t know is that it doesn’t have to be just some music. A lot of times you’ll see companies hire DJs and MCs. Why? Because they want to make sure their guests enjoy themselves while also providing entertainment between other events, such as keynotes or speeches. However, a lot of companies don’t really realize there are so many other benefits involved with booking both! For example, if you book an MC, they will take care of things like introductions or roll-call announcements. But on top of that, DJs have some skills that are often overlooked… Here are some benefits you should consider for your next event


Know the Difference Between Good and Great DJs!

One mistake that people make when planning their corporate party is only considering cost, not quality. You want to find great value when it comes to your event, but you also need to find great quality. If you’re having a hard time figuring out which DJs can deliver top-notch quality, it’s because there are many different levels of service in professional entertainment. It takes some research and experience to know what you should be expecting from a live DJ. Knowing what separates good DJs from great ones is important because finding someone who delivers exceptional value will keep your guests happy and engaged during your entire event!


Where to find great DJs for your next corporate event?

There are many ways to find great DJs for your next event. One way is simply by word-of-mouth, and that’s always best when you’re trying to find someone who does quality work, as well as someone who will be professional, reliable and available. But here are other ways to go about finding a solid corporate DJ: ____ Top DJs in your area __ Online forums (type dj + city into Google search) ____ Event spaces/venues in your area (sometimes they have recommendations!) ____ Referrals from friends or colleagues for local DJs ____ Referrals from reputable online wedding vendors like Blue Mountain Entertainment ____ Your favorite online vendor directory (like The Knot) has resources!