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DJ IKON got the crowd pumped up at Ultra Music Festival in 2017 with his mix of EDM and house music. The young artist from England also performed at other EDM festivals, including Coachella and Electric Zoo, earlier this year. With his high energy sets and energetic mixes, IKON will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018. Check out his latest release below, Crave!


Introducing: DJ IKON

A Washington DC-based DJ, IKON made his debut at Ultra Miami, which is one of America’s largest music festivals. Over 150,000 people attend Ultra each year and millions more watch it around the world on YouTube. The festival brings together DJs from all over and hosts live concerts, art installations and even talks from experts in various industries like fashion or technology. With massive setups and some of today’s biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM), these festivals are an electrifying experience for every attendee. While most festivals don’t feature as many artists who play primarily EDM-style tracks, such as trance, deep house or dubstep; instead opting for DJs who play a mix of genres to appeal to a wider audience.


Mixing in Virtual Reality

I was playing around with Virtual DJ when suddenly it struck me. Why not use virtual reality to mix live music? The concept of VR has been in existence for a while, but now that hardware such as Oculus Rift is readily available to developers, there’s a huge potential in creating new applications for it. The obvious use for virtual reality would be for gaming and entertainment, but what if you could take advantage of it to help musicians and other performers put on an even better show? Think about all those musicians who have some form of stage fright, they wouldn’t have to worry about what audience reaction they’re getting because they’ll be able to see and hear their audience response through their headsets! So how exactly would I combine virtual reality with live performances using technologies that are currently available today?


Full Interview

DJ Ikon has been part of a wide array of projects since he first started mixing and recording music in 2007. His mix tapes caught major attention for his versatility in remixing all types of genres, from Hip Hop to Pop, Trap to House. Today, DJ Ikon sits on over 1 million plays on SoundCloud and 700,000 followers on YouTube; he continues to make his mark as one of Florida’s most celebrated DJs with appearances at EDC Orlando and Ultra Music Festival Miami.


5 Tips from DJ IKON

  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you don’t feel like dancing, keep it real and admit it. 2. Be flexible with your schedule and be willing to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go, including being a little self-promotional in order to meet new people and try out new opportunities. 3. Trust that even if you make mistakes or misjudgments, there will always be an opportunity for redemption; learn from your failures but move on without dwelling on them – failure isn’t fatal as long as you never quit! 4. Most importantly, seize every moment of your life with total joy and passion for living!


Playing in front of 21,000 people

DJ IKON, playing his first set ever in front of 21,000 people was amazing! What an adrenaline rush. Playing in a crowd like that is something completely different than anything else he has done. The energy of so many people all being able to enjoy his music was incredible. He danced and played along with everyone as if he wasn’t there to perform for them but instead as if he was enjoying their company as well. He knew how much they loved him based on all of their screaming, laughing and singing along to every beat! If only everyone could have such a positive interaction with one another, it would be a great place to live in! But until then let’s keep these festivals going and bringing us closer together with fun filled activities like these!


Opening for Paul Oakenfold

Ikon was just one of many DJs to play at Ultra; however, he was fortunate enough to share a stage with Paul Oakenfold. Having played with artists like Skrillex and Steve Aoki in recent months, Ikon has slowly been amassing a large fanbase of his own. He often plays with his group, Raw Life Experience or RLE (iTunes Link). Although he’s been making music for years, it wasn’t until recently that his work began receiving global attention. Still, despite all his accomplishments and accolades, Ikon refuses to rest on his laurels. Rather than bask in success or dawdle on what’s come before him, he continues working hard so that even more people will be able to enjoy his music.


Opening for Krewella

DJ IKON has been a DJ for over five years and has played at many clubs and parties around his hometown of Chicago. When he was offered an opening set for Krewella, one of today’s most popular EDM groups, he knew it would be a great chance to get on stage with some of his musical heroes. He packed up his record player and mixer and boarded a plane bound for Miami where he quickly got to work setting up. The crowd waited with anticipation as Krewella came out on stage to play their first songs; once they finished, DJ IKON ran onstage and began playing the next song on his list!


Playing with Armin Van Buuren

It’s a great privilege to play with my idol, DJ IKON told New Times over email. Playing alongside Armin and other heavy-hitters like him gives me that extra push to up my game. We are in a competitive industry and it’s only by pushing ourselves to achieve more that we can keep growing as DJs. It inspires me to be better! The 22-year old Bay Area native burst onto America’s EDM scene after earning second place on America’s Best DJ competition tour featuring Hardwell and Steve Aoki. During his set with Van Buuren, IKON spun tunes from his critically acclaimed mix CD called Endless Summer. He says he chose songs from that release for his set list because of its sunny feel, which matches perfectly with Miami beach weather—the city where USASF rolls out every March for one full week of electronic music madness.