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DJ IKON is back in action and ready to rock your world with his newest tour, Get Ready. From the streets of Germany to the beaches of Australia, DJ IKON has always been one to put on one of the wildest parties on the road. Now it’s time to get everyone moving and keep everyone dancing! Do you want to get down? Then check out these top 5 reasons why you should join DJ IKON on his upcoming Get Ready tour!


The line up

Country icon Buck Hill, a former rodeo champion and front man for two-time Grammy nominated group Six Gun Swing, will be playing tonight. He’s got an infectious energy and is known to dance more than he sings. DJ IKON, voted Best Club DJ in San Diego by SD Magazine (2014), will bring his rocking sets to our new open air venue on top of The Catamaran. Tickets are $50 each if purchased before midnight. After that they will go up to $60 each so get them before then! Doors open at 9pm and we close at 3am (varies by venue). This is an 18+ event! All guests must have a valid state issued ID or passport to enter.


The essentials

According to DJ IKON, in order to have a good time, there are three things you need: good people, great music and some drinks. And when he says drinks, he doesn’t mean just any old wine or beer – it has to be top shelf liquor because only that will do. It’s not his fault if you can’t get into your usual bar and have to drink with him on stage! After all, it takes many years of practice and training to become an expert on spinning vinyl records at live events. The best way to find out is by having him DJ at your next event!


Dos and don’ts

No one wants to be that guy or girl on a college tour, right? You know,the ones who throw up in your hotel room’s trash can and then make fun of it with their friends. Don’t be that person. Use these three simple tips to keep from rocking the boat: (1) Bring plenty of snacks from home so you don’t end up at 11 p.m.


Open your mind

Surround yourself with new people, places and experiences. Open-mindedness is an essential part of personal growth. If you’re not open to things, then how can you expect to enjoy them? Every journey begins with a single step, so next time you’re invited to something different or hear about an opportunity from someone outside your usual circle, go along – it might be just what you need to kick-start your own personal growth.


Thomas Rhett and DJ IKON

When you think about touring, you don’t normally think of Thomas Rhett. But not only is he one of my favorite country singers (country songs!), he’s also a really nice guy who loves to tour! He was in town last month and we got an inside look at what goes into a tour – it’s a lot more than I thought, that’s for sure! Here are a few things to know if you’re planning on heading out on an awesome rock tour with one of your favorite bands. Hope you guys have fun planning! Have Fun On The Road: Traveling can be a lot of fun – but it can also be really exhausting. It takes a lot of effort to make sure everyone has what they need while they’re on tour! So remember to stay hydrated, eat good food every day, stretch every so often and get enough sleep. It might sound like just some basic advice for living healthy — but being healthy makes life easier on everyone when you’re working hard all day long! Always Come Prepared: You never know when an emergency will happen — so always make sure you’re prepared for everything. Having a couple extra pairs of shoes can save your foot from blisters or getting wet during rainy days.


Carrie Underwood and DJ IKON

You may be used to seeing Carrie Underwood belting out her hit songs while she’s on stage, but did you know that she loves hitting up parties as much as we do? That’s right; you can even find her partying with her husband Mike Fisher and their friends at many music festivals, including Country Music Festivals. It’s no wonder then that she hired one of Canada’s premier DJ talent: IKON! IKON is known not only for his awesome DJ skills but also his rad dance moves during live sets.